Make any video compatible with smart phones using this free download: Click2Mobile


Help sheet

On-line Youtube converter. No downloads required.

another download tool: downloadmytube

You Tube downloader: save vids at home and bring to school
using this: YouTube Video download tool

Another on-line converter

Convert anything to anything with this site

5 video converter sites free

Save videos

How to site for learning about saving videos. Many links
Save Youtube in HD

On-line converter grab youtube

KickYouTube Lets You Download Videos Without Extra
  • Software or Hassle

  • "The mechanism is web based and
  • very straight forward. When you're
  • watching a YouTube video that you
  • would like to download for
  • archiving or later perusal, simply add the
  • word "kick" to the URL
  • immediately in front of the word
  • youtube."
Also...abcyoutube. type abc in front of any you tube url and save

Keep videos with
Another youtube converter

Mashables article about saving videos. Many links to sites

Media player VLC
Help with text docs that
won't open
Zamzar Zamzar is good for many kinds of conversion.

Docx converter

Free to try docx2doc
Document converter:Converter

PDF to Word
PDF converter
PDF to Excel
Excel on line
PDF unlock
Free to use...unlock any pdf file
Convert files online
Fileminx DocsPal is another one to try

Sample for inservice