General Links


NEW: 39 sites for using the IPad in the classroom
Great information and links at ipadeducators
List of best free apps at Coolest list of Best iPad Apps for Free
An apps finder for ipad/itouch
A list of educational apps for the ITouch
App Safari Search for apps
Database of IPOD apps for education.
IPad pod casts with many links at The IPad Show
Apps find and share at Appsfire
Using an IPad or IPhone as a PDF reader
Apps for special education
Blog with many links for IPAD Apps at Learning In Hand

New! Wiki dealing with using an IPad in the classroom.

Audio books/Ebooks

Hundreds of free audio
Hundreds of free books to download to a PDA/Phone/
Another long list of links for free or almost free books....from children's books to textbooks.
Free ebooks to download in various formats, including Kindle-munseys

242,000 free ebooks and counting at ebooksread
Free audio books at Books Should Be Free
7 places to find free e-textbooks
free audio books/short stories at ThoughtAudio
Audio books and much more at OpenCulture
Let me Google that for you

Awesome Library: Reviewed links by subject matter.


100 inspirational blogs for teachers

Bulletin Boards

Printable borders for your bulletin boards. Interesting site!

Calendar Templates Plus

Lots of templates for Excel...some free
Calendar Dummy sends you free text reminders


Need help with a crossword?

Collaboration Tools/Social Networking

NEW Create a visual graphic of grouped links. Create your own or add "tiles" from other users.
Very easy to use team generator. Works well with student roster from PowerSchool. TeamMaker
Work in groups using Wiggio
Which Date Works helps to schedule meetings, etc.
Visual thinking/collaboration tool:Mywebspiration
Online collaboration whiteboard
Chart comparing social learning tools....very helpful

Make conference calls using these 6 apps

Online Whiteboard at Groupboard


Fantastic digital content by subject. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education

WOW! Collection of open source curriculum:Curriki
external image moz-screenshot.png
Shmoop Teacher resources are wonderful! History, English, Civics, Poetry, Biographies, etc.

KhanAcademy with over 1600 educational videos. Highly recommended!
Black History Month resources

Tons of resources at A to Z Teacher Stuff

More resources for teachers at The Teacher's Corner

Dictionaries/Words/Pronunciation Guides

Wordnik: collaborative dictionary and pronunciation guide
Dictionary with Creative Commons pictures
Visual Dictionary
How to say that name
Another pronunciation site
Name pronunciation
Can't remember the word? Try this fun site:Tip of my Tongue
Visual/video dictionary and vocabulary builder

Save the words...interesting look at language

TXT Shortcuts defined....interesting resource to find out what kids are "saying"

Documents Sharing

Great place to post or to find documents on hundreds of topics. Collaboration tool.


Legal sites for downloading content

Drawing Tools/Cartoon makers

Online collaborate drawing
Comicstrip creator
Another comic strip creator
Comics out of your photos
Comics, cards and movie maker
Create and share stories online with StoryTop
Flowchart maker and more:Draw
Cartoon maker with many options:Toondoo
Visual thinking/collaboration tool:Mywebspiration
Online collaboration whiteboard
Create multimedia stories, etc. at


Dubuque Encyclopedia on-line
Dubuque pictures:Digital Dubuque

Dubuque postcards


Tools for teacher. Great set of links arranged by categories
List of links for teachers:links
Digital Bloom's:Bloom's Taxonomy
elinks An unbelievable listing of resources by subject. Check it out.
Great site for ideas by subject:IDEAS
Lots of links by subject: High School Ace
Thinkfinity--site with many links by subject. Good search engine on
Enotes....great site with many links

Educational Psychology-links to videos. Incredible list


Literary guides in Spanish

Great blogwith many helpful links

Helpful websites and training videos


How to make digital flashcards using Google Docs

Games for Education

Great collection of tools and educational games at Sheppard Software
Great collection of games for many subject areas at Play and Learn

Brain games:brain
test your reaction time fun:click
Games with a purpose.
Games for group activities, etc:games
Hearing test
Find words for crossword puzzles, Scrabble, etc. here helps you learn things quickly [[image:file/view/xino.php.jpg width="239" height="180"]]

Google Stuff

100+ tips for getting the most out of Google

Using GoogleMaps in unique ways.

Graphic Organizers/Templates/Tools/Flashcard makers

Graphic Organizers
Top tools for learning:Tools
Great template collection:Templates
Flashcard makerShmoop/study tool:Cramberry
Make and share flashcards
Tons of ideas with templates:Readwritethink
Graph paper graph paper
Some free/some fee-

Time line makerourtimelines

Graphic Simple registration allows for templates to be created and saved on-line. Great collection.

On-line slides with your audio:Voicethread
Learn what's "hot" right now on the web:Popular urls
One of my favorite opening pages with hundreds of clickable links:All my faves in one place

Singing e-mail-cheesy but fun:Sing

Homework Helpers

Homework reminder:Keep track of homework assignments

Know the Net

Evaluating Internet Sites :evaluate


See what's new at local libraries

MAP resources

Interesting set of links for MAP


Royalty-free music
Find lyrics for a song at LyricRat
Find a radio station based on genre, artists, etc. Fun, Free

Song Meanings at Soundfacts

Song stuck in your head? Try this site to knock it out :)
MP3 editor at cutmp3
Secondhand Songs Huge database about music. Who sang it first, who does it sound like, etc.
Convert video to MP3 at FetchMP3

MP3 search engine at


Find your surname in the world


Newspaper Museum interactive front page

Online Learning/Education

Incredible list, including books on the web
New York Times Learning Network. Links to lessons


Review a Word document, fill out a PDF form, mark up an image,
and more... All with Crocodoc, all online, all for free.


Free printable paper, from lined to basketball score sheets. Hundreds of options.


Make a video out of your own photos at animoto Great multimedia site. Allows teacher to create an educational account, too!
Manipulate/edit your photosImage chef
Add flash effects to photos:Flash-gear
Photos from Life Magazine:Life
Add fun effects to your photos
Make wallpaper collages-free and easy
Fotopedia-wikipedia for Photos

Photos/images Public Domain

Plagiarism checkers

5 sites to check for plagiarism
Great collection of articles and links about plagiarism
Plagiarism checker free

==Portable applications(what Greg showed us)
Portableapps for your portable drive:==


Free templates. Large variety
Thousands of free backgrounds and templates


Printable checklist/To Do

Quiz creation

Create quizzes based on videos from the web.


10 sites for quotes

Reference Sites

Reference sites other than Wikipedia:Reference

Screen Capture

Nothing to download...just record what's on your computer screen and share

Comparing 12 screencasting tools

Search engines (beyond Google!)

Compare and contrast items with this easy to use search engine: Diffen
Wikipedia search engine Powerset
Simple yet effective search engine called DUCK DUCK GO
Liszen is a search engine designed to search blogs for Library and Information Science info. Check it out
Kosmix- A search engine that gives you all you need to know on the results page, generated from multiple sources. Try this search engine
RedZee-graphic thumbnails of search results:RedZee
Another great visual search engine:Kartoo
Search for images and video and more:Pixsy
Powerful visual search engine (but might need browser upgrade on older machines):Viewzi
Search for pictures:Pixolu
Boolean searches made easy:Boolify
Youtube search engine
Search 7 popular sites and see the results on one page. Cool! Soovle
Compare search results between Google and Bing at
5 alternatives to Google
Exalead search engine. Interesting format
10 Search Engines to Explore the Invisible Web
Visual results based on Google Trends.
Interesting "concepts" results using this seach engine: KNGINE

Software help

Great set of Excel training videos:Videos

Sound effects

Sound search engine
Audience/crowd sounds

Survey Generators/Tools

Free sites to create surveys . Lots of interesting info. at this site....Instructional Innovators Blog

Test/Quiz Generators

Quizinator test generator. Free

Text to Speech

Type and have it read or download to use elsewhere. Several voices to choose from.


Countdown with e.ggtimer


100 educational twitterers to follow

Ubuntu tips

Power user tips


Educational videos of lectures, etc. at
12 sites better than YouTube
Text-to-movie= 3D movie maker on-line. Fun stuff:Animated movie maker
List of sites for Educational videos
Teacher Tube:Educational videos by teachers
More Educational videos:Researchchannel
100 best YouTube for teachers-check at home:YouTube for teachers
Signs of intelligent lifeon YouTube
More educationalYouTube videos by subject matter
Lectr-Shared educational videos
Free documentaries at DocumentaryHeaven

Video editing

Tube Chop allows you to embed just a portion of a YouTube video. Easy
EASY youtube video editor at SnipSnipIt
Add speech bubbles to existing videos and save at BubblePly
Free on-line video editing
Copy/cut/Convert video using MediaCope
Create online video with your pics and soundtrack. Powerful and professional looking.
5 sites to help you edit movies online

Kid friendly video search engine....good for younger kids
Save YouTube videos using this simple site.
Edit YouTube videos using TubeChop
Start at a particular point in a YouTube video using YouTubeTime
Great ideas for using pocket video cameras in the classroom: Got a Flip?

Make a video from your pictures

Calculators for just about anything:Calculators

Watch tv online at TVgorge

Virtual Tours

100's of educational virtual tours to check out

Vocabulary tools

Build your vocabulary here at VocabShushi
Give food while building vocabulary at Free Rice

Web 2.0

A fantastic site for online tools and websitesto use.
Web pages
Quickly create a disposable web page

Webcapture allows you to capture a webpage and save it as a PDF

In FireFox, <Ctrl>S is the command to save a web page.



Interactive whiteboard using Skype

Edusim...Create 3-D interactive worlds and more for interactive whiteboards and computers.
Emerging technologies-online whiteboards
Many links for using Whiteboards
Collection of links to help use Smartboards
List of interactive websites to use with Smartboards, etc.
On-line Whiteboards

WetPaint wiki site examplesWikis in educationType in the content of your page here.
Great explanation/instructions on how to create and use a wiki at