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Quick reference guide

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PowerSchool Helpful Hints: PS_PT_logo.gif

Quick fill a grade
Right-click on a score field (top part)--select Fill Scores.
From Tools menu: Fill Scores
Copy an assignment
Right-click on assignment field (top part)--select Copy. Choose classes from Menu that pops up
From Tools menu: Copy Assignment
Assign 100% of points possible
Enter equal sign (=) and press Enter or open Score Inspector and enter equal sign in the Score field

Exempt a score
Leave a student's score blank and the grade will not be affected or Right-click and choose exempt or type ex in the score field

-Enter Col in the score field/repeat to remove or
-Enter a period ( .) in the score field/repeat to remove or
-Right click and select Collected or
-Right click on the assignment field and select Fill Score
A check mark will appear in the cell.
Late assignments
-Enter lt in the score field (repeat to remove) or
-Enter asterisk (*) in the score field (repeat to remove) or
-Open the Score Inspector and select Late or
-Use Fill Scores to apply to multiple students
A red "L" will appear by the grade.
Missing assignments
-Enter MI in the score field or
-Enter a forward slash (/) or
-Right-click in the score field and select Missing
A green "M" will appear in the cell
Zoom In
Do one of the following:

Zoom Out
Do one of the following:

Final grades not showing up
If you have entered student grades in the gradebook, but nothing is showing in the Final Grade column, check the following: Look at what term you are viewing. If "ALL" is showing change it to "S1" or "S2" depending on the semester your in.

Override a final grade
Do one of the following and select the Manual Override checkbox:
Double-click in a Final Grade field
Right-click in a Final Grade field and select Score Inspector
Press and hold CTRL+SHIFT+I

Report helpful hints
Blank gradebook using Student Roster:

Removing comments from gradebook
  • Open your grade book to the screen where you can see final grades (score sheet), Right click on the first grade, you will see the following options, left click on Fill Scores.
  • Click on the radio button for both Replace All and Comments.
  • Make sure the Comment box is empty and press OK.