Social Studies

NEW! I will add the newest "finds" here:

Digital History. Great site referencing primary sources. Very well organized using tabs to expand topics.

Civil War Daily Gazette offers day by day glimpses of the Civil War, information, photos and more. Beautifully written and illustrated.
Cold War International History Project

101 Great Sites for Social Studies. Nicely organized list of links.

History World and Timelines

Learn more about history by playing interactive games. Great site! Mission US

Interactive: The Underground Railroad
Interactive map of Europe
IPad apps for Social Studies. Impressive collection of suggestions.
Global Issues Network-the name says it all.
DocsTeach Ready to use or make your own activities from the National Archives.
Timeglider online timeline maker

Sing songs to learn about social studies.


Extensive list of geography related games. Screenshots and links provided.
Geography interactive games

"The Life of the (Tea) Party:Comparing Social Protest Movements NYTimes Lesson
Searchable map with conflict timeline

Historical Scene Investigation: a CSI approach to history. FUN!
View historical documents. Great site!

Picturing Modern America. Interesting interactive website for American history and visual thinking
Site with Holocaust survivors video:
Generate charts comparing nations, etc.

Fun site (works in Netscape 7.2):President Game

A history teacher

Political facts :Truth-o-Meter

Photo slide shows of historical periods on

History Channel Halloween:Halloween

AtlasesMaps and Atlases

Early America:Early America

Civil War Animated:Battles

Economics:Economics Education Links

The Constitution Center:Constitution

Interactive WWII tunnel site:Tunnel

Early Office Museum:Interesting site

Micro/Macro Ecomomics:Econ

Historical images:Royalty free images

Ancient art:Cave drawings, plus

History Teacher's Website/worth checking out!:Mr. Woodside

History Teacher-busy but tons of links:historyteacher


Extensive list of videos....worth checking out.
Interactive teaching games found at Play and Learn