World Language


A collaborative project to develop interactive, sound-integrated language learning resources. Foreign Language Vocabulary.

Yabla- Language immersion through video. Many languages to choose from.
Dictionary, translation, stop site for languages at

Duolingo...learn a language for free and translate the web at the same time.
Use games to help learn a language. Many games here: Digital Dialects
Many resources listed for French, German, Spanish, Italian and "General." Nicely organized.

Technology for German language learning
Technology for French language learning
Technology for Spanish language learning

80 Apps to teach yourself a new language.

Amazing dictionary at Linguee:
Spanish Unlimited...lessons, games, vocab. and much more.

Hello-Hello is a website/application for learning languages. Interesting!
3 Innovative Ways To Learn Or Improve A Foreign Language
Digital dialects...Language games.
List of 100 language learning sites
One Semester of Spanish Love Song:

Spanish teacher's website with links:Links


Online translations, which many languages to choose from

Type in any foreign language online

Literary guides in Spanish

Using Twitter in the foreign language classroom. Wow!

Improve language skills by listening to and typing lyrics